Chinese Coin Necklace Tutorial

Chinese Coin Necklace Tutorial


This project utilizes a simple netting stitch worked in flat circles to create  ‘coins.’ The ‘coins’ are linked together during construction of the project. The clasp is a simple peyote toggle. The project requires only needle, thread and beads. 

This project was inspired by a rare, ancient Chinese coin dating back to 300 BC. In ancient China, money was shaped like a knife and the end of the knife had a hole to hang on the bench or table. Over time, the knife part disappeared and only the "handle" or the coin remained. The coin's shape is symbolic. The round outside represents heaven (the universe) and the center hole represents China (Earth). In China, the symbol for ‘country’ is surrounded by a square, which is probably why the round coin with a round hole was short-lived and is so rare - yet examples of it live on today.


Complement your rare beauty with this bracelet and/or necklace symbolizing the universe and the earth.


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